Turnkey Sales

A powerful all-in-one sales solution that delivers results. Our sales professionals have decades of experience in developing and leveraging cross-platform strategies to increase revenues for associations.

Our Expertise

Print Advertising

We manage print ad sales for virtually all our clients and aim to secure your flagship publication as the cornerstone of our integrated marketing proposals. Armed with member data and audience research, we’ll identify leads and turn budding relationships into long-term commitments.

Digital Advertising

As your digital sales team, we’ll work closely with you to improve and optimize your digital portfolio using best practices in search engine optimization, adhering to IAB standards, analytics and program enhancements.

Exhibits and Sponsorships

Exhibits and sponsorships can be the largest revenue source for associations. In addition to maximizing booth sales, we are experienced in reimagining sponsorship programs, developing new opportunities and providing turnkey trade show management.

Non-Traditional Media

Our ability to think creatively and outside the box has produced great results for our clients. With a collaborative approach, we have developed and sold webinar programs, white papers, case studies and other content-driven advertising opportunities with huge success.

What We Sell

Print Magazines/Journals

Event Assets

Digital Assets

As your full-service sales department, we’ll:

  • Learn your business completely
  • Drive new revenues
  • Track the competitive set
  • Optimize your offerings
  • Identify new prospects and leads
  • Write, design and produce your media kit
  • Promote and market your opportunities
  • Preflight and traffic ad materials
  • Manage billing and collections
  • Supply detailed reports
  • Manage your event or trade show
  • Provide ad-serving and digital analysis

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