Intelligent Market Research

We bring a unique combination of experience and expertise to achieve your research needs and match every project with the most effective methodology.

Our Process

  • Survey Design

    Once we determine the research objectives, we’ll work closely with you to choose the right methodology and design the survey.

  • Deployment

    Your survey will be deployed seamlessly and effortlessly through our system to an approved distribution list provided by you.

  • Data Collection

    We will maintain, monitor and collect the data throughout the duration of fieldwork.

  • Reporting

    At the close of fieldwork, we will provide tabular and narrative reports detailing a full set of data tables and key findings.

  • Presentation

    Our team is available to present the survey results and identify the best ways to put the data to work as needed.

Our Experience

We have experience in conducting many types of research studies and surveys, including:

Member satisfaction surveys

Practice management studies

Benchmarking research

Readership research

Editorial interest studies

Advertiser impact studies

Brand awareness studies

Advertiser/exhibitor satisfaction studies

Client Testimonials

“In the years we’ve been working with The Townsend Group, they’ve consistently surpassed our goals by delivering record–breaking revenues issue after issue. They are great partners: professional, hard–working, responsive and creative.”

Managing Editor, Association Client

“The Townsend Group led the way to a complete revamping of our advertising and sponsorship relationships, improving them in a way that hadn’t been done before, and created new opportunities for us with new clients. They also helped us by showing us a new view of our potential through a fresh look at ourselves, using readership surveys and demographics and statistics that gave us insight into how to shape our content and new ways to reach more of our readers with stories that are of greater interest.”

Executive Director, Association Client

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