A long time client, the American Massage Therapy Association hired The Townsend Group in 2009 as the sales representative for all print and digital assets as well as exhibits and sponsorships for their two annual events.


Over the years, we’ve provided AMTA a full turnkey sales solution. Our scope of work has grown to include a full suite of services such as research guidance, media kit and prospectus design, pricing strategy, sponsorship ideation, on-site rebook and more. Most importantly, we continue to leverage our cross-platform experience and work closely with AMTA to optimize the sales process and increase revenues.


We’ve grown the business year after year. With six months left to sell, we’ve already sold as much business for 2016 as we did for all of 2015.


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Founded in 1983, The Townsend Group is a leading advertising, sponsorship and trade show sales management firm for associations. Our mission is to build best-in-class non-dues revenue programs at the highest level of performance and professionalism.

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