10 Business Advantages of a Responsive Website Design

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The use of mobile devices is growing at lightening speed. For businesses who want to tap into this market, there are a couple of options: use responsive web design or maintain multiple websites, each optimized for different devices. The advantages of a responsive website over maintaining multiple websites makes all the difference.

What is responsive website design? This design method uses flexible layouts, images, and cascading style sheets to create a website that detects the device’s screen size and changes the layout accordingly. This flexible approach to design is quickly gaining acceptance across the Internet. The advantages of a responsive website over maintaining multiple websites are huge.


Let’s talk about the advantages of a responsive website for business:

  1. It increases a business’s ability to reach mobile device users. Smartphones and tablets are quickly overtaking desktops and laptops for browsing. An increasing number of people are using only mobile devices for browsing. A business cannot afford to ignore the shift in consumer device use.

  2. It enhances user experience across platforms. This is one of the biggest advantages of a responsive website. Some people use multiple devices throughout their lives. They may have a desktop at work, a tablet for personal use, and a smartphone for on-the-go connectivity. Having a website design that works on all their devices enhances their experience.

  3. It increases sales and conversion rates. By tapping into the mobile device audience, a business has widened its potential customer pool. The enhanced user experience also helps increase sales and conversion figures.

  4. It consolidates website analytics and reporting. Instead of managing two or more sites, everything is under one. This offers clearer insights into website performance.

  5. It increases visibility to search engines. With two or more sites, your potential SEO power is diluted. Plus you may be getting dinged for having the same content on two sites. One site, one powerhouse for your SEO efforts.

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